Are The Jews In The Promised Land Forever?


I was speaking with a friend and fellow believer about the signs that the end times are upon us. When I mentioned that the holy land and Jerusalem were back in Jewish hands as one of the signs, he wondered out loud if there could be another dispersal of the Jews and then another regathering in the future. We agreed that it was highly improbable but I wanted to ask you if there is prophetic Scripture which tells us that once the holy land is re-occupied by God’s people, they are there to stay.


In Isaiah 11:11 we’re told there will be two re-gatherings of Israel. From history, we know the first was after the Babylonian captivity, and from Isaiah 11 we can see that the second one will usher in the end times. That one has already begun and is continuing. There is no mention of a third re-gathering.

Amos 9:11-15 contains wording also used in Acts 15:13-18, where it applies to the rebuilding of the Temple following the rapture of the Church. The prophecy ends with a promise that Israel will never again be uprooted.