Will Lots Of People Be Saved?


My question revolves around the wide and narrow gate and salvation. I am in agreement with you that one only has to believe in Jesus to be saved. But the way you respond to questions makes it seem like lots of people will be saved. Whereas, other Bible sites I read emphasize that lots of people are Christian in name only, and comparatively few will be savedraptured. It does say that few will find the narrow gate in the Bible. So, how do you reconcile this? Do you think a large percentage of the population will go in the rapture?


I’m sorry if I left you with the impression that I think there will be many who are saved. The fact is no one on Earth knows how many people will be saved. I have said I believe there are lots of people who think they’re saved but will turn out not to be because they have based their salvation upon something other than the blood of Jesus. Faith in His completed work on the cross and nothing else is the narrow way, only the narrow way can save us, and Jesus said only a few will find it (Matt. 7:13-14) .