Will People Die Because Of The Rapture?


My daughter has begun attending a church where the Pastor doesn’t believe in the rapture. He says if large numbers of people were suddenly taken it would cause the deaths of many others. Example: a pilot or bus driver. I know some believe in pre trib, mid trib and post trib rapture but never heard of a teaching of no rapture.


Sadly, there are lots of Christians who don’t believe in the rapture. With some it’s because they’ve never been taught about the rapture, and with others it’s because what they’ve been taught is incorrect.

Your daughter’s pastor is concerned that people will die because of the rapture, and he’s probably right.

But if we who believe the rapture will be followed by a worldwide time of judgment are correct, then about half of the world’s population could die before the Lord returns anyway. Jesus said it would be the worst time in all of human history, and if he didn’t put an end to it at the appointed time no one would survive (Matt. 24:20-22).

Therefore, the possibility that some may die because of the rapture does not justify your pastor’s position, because the issue is not that some may die. The issue is where they will go after they die.

As believers our first concern should be to see that as many as possible in our circle of influence go in the rapture instead of dying. Our second concern should be that enough seeds get planted so that those who do not go in the rapture will choose to accept Jesus after they see it happen.

In my opinion, pretending there isn’t going to be a rapture is not an effective strategy, especially among those who are supposed to be our teachers.