Will The Anti-Christ Know Who He Is In Advance?


In reading your articles on The Antichrist and Mr. Obama, a question came to mind. Does the antichrist know he is the antichrist? I can see someone like Obama, jumping into the world scene as some kind of savoir of the world, starting off with good intentions, but ending up letting the power and adoration get to him, distorting his thinking and passions. At that time, he would be a prime target for Satan to come and possess him to do the unthinkable. So my question, before Satan takes over, does the antichrist know what’s coming?


I think the Bible hints of a big change coming over the anti-Christ just before the beginning of the Great Tribulation (Rev. 13:1-10), and that’s when he starts thinking of himself as God. Before that I think he sees himself first as a man blessed by God, then as a man appointed by God, and finally as God Himself. The problem is that he thinks Satan is God and so he will see the prophecies about him as being untrue.