Will The Church See The Anti-Christ, Follow-Up


In your answer to the question Will the Church See the Anti-Christ? You said the anti-Christ won’t be officially revealed as such until the middle of Daniel’s 70th Week (Daniel 9:27). But using the first part of Daniel 9:27 when he “confirms the covenant with many for one week”, wouldn’t this be the first sign of the Anti-Christ? I have always believed that the man who steps out on the world stage and brings peace to the middle east by the signing of the seven year peace agreement is the Anti-Christ.


You’re correct, but remember the question was, “Will the Church see the anti-Christ?” The Church will be gone before the 70th week begins. For the most part, people who are left behind after the rapture aren’t going to know about Daniel 9:27. The vast majority of them will think of this guy as a great leader and peacemaker. By the middle of the 70th Week most of the world will be following him (Rev. 13:3-4). According to Rev. 7:9-17 a great many of the post rapture believers who do recognize him will have been put to death by then. Only when he stands in the Temple claiming to be God will the world have clear proof of who he is.