Islamic Anti-Christ? Follow Up


In a recent answer you said you believe the anti-Christ could be Muslim. I think that your scenario is unlikely. I read in the book of Daniel that – the whole reason he is the anti-Christ, that is the anti-messiah, is that he is a false Jewish religious leader, and not the “Muslim” 12th Imam. Israel would thus never accept him, and we know that the state of Israel “will receive” the anti-Christ.


In Matt 24:15 Jesus warned all covenant keeping Jews to flee into the desert when the Abomination of Desolation (the anti-Christ standing in the Temple claiming to be God) takes place. This will include both Old Covenant Jews and Messianic believers who missed the rapture. After that the majority of Jews left in Israel will be unbelievers who won’t be concerned about the religious beliefs of their leaders.

Also, in Ezekiel 44:7-8 we see that one of the first things God will do upon returning to the Temple after the 2nd Coming will be to accuse the Jews of bringing uncircumcised foreigners into His sanctuary and putting them in charge. This can only be a reference to the anti-Christ and the false prophet and confirms they won’t be Jewish.