Will The Rapture Destroy America?


Couldn’t the rapture be what causes America’s down fall? Several key US govt officials (including the president and Sec of State) are professing Believers and would go in the Rapture. What havoc would ensue if these individuals and others suddenly disappeared? Could that so pre-occupy the US that it would prevent us from coming to Israel’s aide in the battle of Ezekiel 38/39?

Also, how many millions of believers are there in the USA? Surely millions of people disappearing would bring the USA and our economy to its knees.


(The above was actually pieced together from two very similar questions. I think you’ll agree that they present an interesting scenario.)

A number of key Federal Officials as well as many in top and mid-level staff positions, who knows how many from the military, plus millions of other Americans, many of them business and community leaders, all disappear at once.

The effects of this on US world leadership, our military strength, and our economy are difficult to calculate, but suffice it to say that it would cause those left behind to be more concerned with putting the nation back together than with external matters.

And it’s the evangelicals who most strongly support Israel. Would there be enough interest left after we’re gone to justify further stretching America’s diminished capability to fend off an attack on Israel by an enemy still functioning at full strength? Probably not.

In short it’s not really necessary for an outside enemy to bring America down. Although many in the USA think they’d do very well without all of us Christians cramping their style, thank you very much, the reality is that the country could very well sink like a stone with out us.