Will The Sun Go Dark Forever?


Do think it’s possible that Matthew 24:29 might be referring to the fact that all the stars, including all the galaxies, and our sun will be turned off or destroyed, perhaps because of the aftermath of the final war in Heaven between Satan, his forces, and God’s forces in Rev 12?


Taking the verse as it’s written, we’re talking about the Sun going out. Since light from the moon originates with and is reflected from the Sun it stands to reason it will go dark too. As for the stars falling from the sky, I’m not sure every one of the billions of stars are included but that could be the case.

I believe the intent of Matt. 24:29-30 is to say that the only light that will reach the Earth following the end of the Great Tribulation is the sign of the Son of Man, ensuring that it will not be missed or mistaken for something else. In Rev. 21:23-24 we read that during the Millennium the Earth will be illuminated by the New Jerusalem, so perhaps the Sun will go dark forever.