Will There Be Enough Room? Follow Up


Re: Will There Be Enough Room? You said there would be plenty of room in the New Jerusalem for the approx. 2.74 billion people that would live there. I agree that there will be enough room as I am sure God knows what He is doing. My question is, did you mean from the time of the cross until the rapture there are approx. 2.74 billion souls included in the rapture/resurrection? That just seems like a low number to me.


I almost left that number out because I was afraid someone would misunderstand. What I said was if the New Jerusalem is shaped like a cube and if 2.74 billion believers are taken in the rapture/resurrection we will each have a cubic mile of space to call our own. That is much more space than anyone needs. It was just an example to show how big the New Jerusalem could be. Neither I nor anyone else on Earth has any idea how many believers there are. But even if the number of believers far exceeds 2.74 billion the New Jerusalem will still be big enough to accommodate us all. And that was my point. Sorry for the confusion.