Will There Be Enough Room?


I have always wondered about how many people/Souls, have accepted The Lord Jesus as Savior, going all the way back to the 1st Century. It would seem to be hundreds of millions. Would we all fit in the New Jerusalem? The dimensions are very specific and finite. Am I under estimating the size of New Jerusalem?


The Earth is currently home to about 7 billion people. About 70% of its surface is covered by water. Throw in the poles, deserts, and other uninhabitable areas and we all live on 25% or less of it’s surface area.

According to the measurements of Rev. 21:16 the New Jerusalem will be 1400 miles high, wide, and deep. That’s a little over 1/6th the size of Earth, but all of it will be inhabitable. Depending on its configuration, the New Jerusalem could give the Church more space per person than the Earth currently gives its population.

To put that into perspective, if the New Jerusalem is shaped like a cube as some speculate, and we live in it rather than on it, we will have a home that measures 2.74 billion cubic miles in volume. So if 2.74 billion believers are taken in the rapture/resurrection, we will each have a space one mile high, one mile wide, and one mile deep to call our own.