Witnessing And Evangelizing


When we have company over  I always want to “share the gospel”. How does one go about sharing it without sounding like a sales person, without sounding pushy, or gushy or lovey dovey, and without making them feel guilty? I try and get a “I thank God and believe in Jesus” every chance I get but I feel compelled to want and say more. Is it the flesh “wanting” to do more or is it the Holy Spirit prompting me to say and do more? Typically, when I try to do more, I end up stickin’ the old foot in the mouth.


You’ve answered your own question. Do you think if the Holy Spirit was prompting you, you would end up sticking your foot in your mouth?

When you have a chance, look up the word “witness” in the dictionary. You’ll find it’s not the same as selling. Witnesses testify to events they have personally observed or experienced. If others can see and hear what the Lord has done for you and are curious they’ll begin asking questions and pretty soon you’ll find yourself in a meaningful conversation.

Evangelism is more like a sales presentation, and usually takes place in a public forum where people are free to stay and listen or move on.