Witnessing To Friends


I have just recently connected with some old friends whom I love very much. We drifted apart after I became a believer a few years ago and became a little too “preachy” for them. I feel that the Lord is preparing something by re-connecting us, and my question is how do I avoid pushing them away again without compromising the truth of Christ and His witness in me?


The most effective form of witness consists of how we act, not what we say. If you’ve already shared the gospel with them what they need now is to see the difference your faith has made in you during this time of separation.

What they’ll be looking for is an easy going, happy person who doesn’t think he has all the answers or act like he’s better than they are.

I’ve found that for the most part people come to the Lord to find peace, not righteousness. The desire for righteousness is the result of our salvation, not the cause of it.

Remember, Jesus got a lot more converts by eating and drinking with sinners than the Pharisees ever got by looking down their noses at them.