Witnessing To Family And Friends


I’ve been a watchman for the return of the Lord for 30 years. As time gets closer, I’ve never seen so many signs that point to the end times events and prophesy being fulfilled. I have family, especially, but also friends, who do not share my love for the Lord Jesus. I’m not sure they even know about the second coming of the Lord, the tribulation, et al.

I guess I’m feeling a sense of urgency even more these days, as I read about Syria and Israel, the talk of dividing Jerusalem and creating a Palestinian state, Iran’s desire to wipe Israel off the map, etc. How do I approach the subject of all this with my 83 year old aunt or my other family members. I guess it doesn’t matter if they think I’m crazy because they won’t if they heed my warnings and come to Christ. How do you suppose the Lord wants me to handle this topic?


Watching as prophecy comes closer to fulfillment creates a sense of urgency for all Biblically literate believers. But the real question to ask unbelievers is still the same.

“If you died today, do you know where you’d be going?”

Once you’ve gotten someone interested in discussing the answer to that question, they’ll be more receptive to our belief that the time is very short. Even among believers, the way end times prophecy will play out is considered by many to be just guesswork . But our eternal destiny is a much more concrete issue.