Would This Be A Sin?


Thank you for your ministry and the many answers and teachings with which I’ve been blessed. Recently I was asked a question that I could not answer Biblically- Let’s say a man walks into his house only to witness another man raping his sister, he then grabs his gun and fires off three rounds killing the rapist., Now assuming that he’s fully within the law (owning the weapon and shooting at the intruder/rapist as allowed in many states) has this man (a born again believer in Christ) committed a sin? Are we not commanded in the Word “Thou Shall Not Kill”, and if it’s not a sin, when and where in Scripture was that commandment rescinded?


I’m just a Bible teacher, so I try not to render personal opinions or get into debates concerning hypothetical situations. I can tell you that the intent of the commandment is to prohibit premeditated murder. There are several places in Scripture where God not only condoned but actually ordered His people to kill their enemies, and there are remedies for cases where the taking of life was not premeditated or was unintentional. But to plan the taking of a human life and then carry out the plan is a violation of the commandment.