Wrong About The End Times?


Lately I have heard a lot about a theory that Islam is the religion that will dominate in the last days and the Catholic Church is not the one world religion.

A book I read recently seems to offer proof that “the West has been wrong in our Western Views and the Bible is a Jerusalem-Centric book written about the Middle East”.

I was thinking if we’re wrong on the EU and the Catholic church then what else are we wrong on? Have your heard and looked into this theory on the last days?


Someone once said that as humans we don’t see the world the way it is. We see the world the way we are. As part of the Western World we have a western perspective.

But as I’ve been teaching for nearly 9 years now, the Roman Empire also had an Eastern leg. Constantinople was its capitol, and it was also known as a city on 7 hills.

Also, the Islamic Mahdi is described in ways that make him appear remarkably similar to the anti-Christ. Both will initially appear as peace makers in a time of chaos, both will have 7 year reigns, a one world government and a one world religion, both will try to destroy the Jews, and on it goes.

I don’t look at this as people being wrong in the past, but as having things in clearer focus now that we’re closer to the end. Even so, none of us is perfect and we’re all influenced by our backgrounds. Paul said that now we see as though through a darkened glass, but after we’re made perfect (and only then) we’ll see clearly. (1 Cor 13:12)