Wrong About The End Times? Follow Up


In the “Wrong About the End Times” answer you said: “Also, the Islamic Mahdi is described in ways that make him appear remarkably similar to the anti-Christ. Both will initially appear as peace makers in a time of chaos, both will have 7 year reigns, a one world government and a one world religion, both will try to destroy the Jews, and on it goes.”

When you say ” both”‘ do you mean the Anti-Christ and the Mahdi? How do we know there is actually going to be a Mahdi since he is talked about in the Koran and not the Bible?


What makes us think there will be a Mahdi is not that he appears in Islamic prophecy. It’s that the Islamic prophecies about him are so remarkably similar to Biblical prophecies of the anti-Christ. That makes it likely that the one we know as the anti-Christ will be the same one that Muslims will call alMahdi.