It’s almost September! We began quarantine in March. The Lord has been so faithful all these months! We’ve been amazed and so very grateful every week as He provides exactly what we need to keep everyone fed.

Another week in the new village! It’s now been three months since we met them and starting bringing them food. I’m so grateful we discovered this village in need when we did. We’ve watched the kids grow stronger with consistent food, and everyone is more comfortable and less suspicious of us.

Every week during this pandemic we are amazed at the grace and provision of God. This week we got to hold a small Sunday Service, outside with no tents and in groups that have already been quarantined together.

This week, a recap of all our featured posts. Q&A, the daily Psalms, and articles. This week, we featured The Servant Songs of the Messiah and The Shepherd Psalm Trilogy.

This week we brought food to the refugees in the Haitian compound. Although we’ve known them for a while now and have been helping them with food and other necessities, they always seem surprised when we show up. They aren’t used to being shown love consistently. And now, when there is no work available,

I’m so grateful to have this large group of people who pray for us!

We have a prayer request for Roza and Gopi and their new baby Sarah. They just had their first child, but she delivered at 33 weeks. The baby was fine at first, then became sick so we rushed them to the hospital.

Hooray! Another week, another chance to show love to this new village. We’ve been coming each week, and they now trust that we’ll show up each week and that they won’t be left to starve. The kids prepare new songs or things to say to our volunteer and we’re growing closer to them each week.

Another week in our outreaches in quarantine! Do you remember when we were keeping track by the week? Here’s a glimpse into our week in the villages of our Children’s Church.

I’m so excited to share this outreach with you this week! We’ve been trying for months to get food and masks to the communities we have served in South Africa. We work with a local church there and it’s been such a blessing to help. 

This week, we covered Jack’s study on Romans with Part 11 & 12.