We are so grateful that we’ve had enough to supply food each week to this new village. It’s really incredible. They are amazed at the provision, and we are too! It’s truly only possible because of the Lord.

Three weeks ago, little Esther was burned by a woman while her mom was working. Thankfully, the burn wasn’t too deep, and our doctor just prescribed an ointment for it. It’s healing so well and is now closed enough that we’re not worried about infection. Thank you, Lord!

Getting to know this village is one of the greatest blessings to come out of the pandemic. I’m so grateful God trusts us to bring His love and provision to those who don’t know Him yet.

We’ve made it 18 weeks in quarantine. Lockdown had eased a bit in this area, but then cases surged and it’s very strict again. We’re making sure every family has all they need and helping the little ones keep learning.

This week we completed our time of fasting together. Thank you to all who joined! The Lord is working mightily in this ministry and in the lives of all we serve. It has been a tough 18 weeks in lockdown, but God has continually shown Himself faithful. I’m so blessed to hear from all of you and learn what He is doing in your hearts and lives right now.

It’s been an amazing week in Mexico! We still can’t gather to hold our kid’s group, but we can bring food to those in need. And right now, that’s everyone. People have been out of work for over three months, but because of your generosity and faithfulness, no one is starving on our watch!

We did it! Thank you for joining us this last week, fasting, and praying with us. I’m excited to see what God will do with our offering. If you missed it, no worries! You can fast at any time. I know for many of you, this was your first time fasting.

Many of you are praying and fasting with us. Thank you! Here I’ve updated the prayer requests that we posted during our 40-day prayer challenge earlier this year, as a guide for praying with us through this tough season.

Our fast continues till the 15th. You can still join us!

This new outreach is such a blessing. It’s like going back in time, to when we first met the villages that became our children’s church! Before they knew Jesus and were treated with love and kindness. Before they knew they had been created in the image of God and full of worth and dignity.

Last week, we asked for prayer for two of our little girls.

Rukku was taken from the village by a family member, but for unknown reasons. We’re praying for her safety, and protection and for her to be brought back soon. We have no update on this,