This week in Mexico 4-10-21

Scenes from our week in Mexico!

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Our School Classes

After class, the kids gathered to play Loteria! It’s similar to bingo and we use beans as markers.

Why eggs for Easter?

When Aidan was small we had a set of Resurrection Eggs. They were plastic eggs, and each one had a piece of the Resurrection story. You opened one each day for the 12 days, and we would usually get a branch from outside to hang the trinkets on. This caught on and so the kids in the neighborhood would come up each afternoon to see what happened next in the story! It was a cute, age-appropriate, way to add meaning to the eggs everywhere.

Here in Mexico, tradition to make cascarones. For several weeks in advance, we carefully crack the eggs we use to tap out just the top of the shell. then the shells are washed and dried. The kids dye them. And then we fill them with confetti and seal them by gluing tissue paper over the hole. Then the kids all get several and run around smashing them between their palms, over someone’s head. Everyone gets showered with confetti! One of the neighbor kids when Aidan was little mentioned that cascarones are a good symbol of our new life in Christ! Like the egg, first filled with dead gross stuff and then filled up all the way with beautiful things. Then we run around giving this overflowing goodness to others! Ha! It’s a bit of a stretch for sure, but it was a precious comparison for the kids and we went with it. Now, these traditions have carried on all these years and to the kids in our Escualita, the eggs are a beautiful symbol for the Resurrection and our new life in Christ.


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Thank you for your love, and your prayers for those we serve around the world! It’s absolutely amazing what happens when we come together and follow the Lord’s leading. I’m beyond grateful for you all!

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