This week in India 4-10-21

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Our Sewing Classes

Prayers for a new tailoring shop!

This is exciting! These women have gone from a hope that they could learn a new skill, to confidence in their God-given abilities. They’ve gone from a glimmer of hope to a flood. And now, they are dreaming of opening a tailoring shop together! Will you pray with us together for this? This would be an amazing way to provide for their families. There are still a handful of the women we serve who are too intimidated to try. Opening a shop together would also give the women an opportunity to come under the wing of those who are learning now. Because they would have support and not have to do it alone. So we are praying for both these things. Please pray with us!

Our School Classes

Water for the village

Foot washing ceremony

This is hard to do well.  Jesus served His disciples, taking on the role of the lowest slave, and washed their feet. This is an example of how we are to act. The one who wants to go high must bend low in service. And in the culture here it wasn’t lost on them the beauty of this act. They too walk dusty roads, wearing sandals on their feet. They remove their dust covered shoes in respect when entering a building. And for people who were the lowest in society, only able to eat by begging in the streets, and being treated like stray dogs, this reenactment meant something. It wasn’t just performative between a group of people far removed from the original context. Our volunteers wanted to serve our people in this way. But because several of the group have risen up as leaders serving as well, they returned the gesture. They washed the feet of our volunteers. They know they are brothers and sisters standing side by side as co-heirs with Christ. There is no hierarchy between us as siblings in Jesus. I pray that this is a beautiful example for you in your lives. Whether you see yourself as the one who washes or the one who is washed. In Jesus, we are now both. And we serve each other from His example.

Our Sunday Service at the church

We again held two services to keep the groups small due to restrictions.

Our Sunday Service at the prayer house

Below is Manju. She stood to tell of the Lord’s blessing and kindness to her during difficult times. She had a baby die in utero, and had complications that required surgery to prevent it from happening again. The doctors said it was too dangerous to get pregnant again for her. She has just recovered from this surgery. But she knows the life she had before Jesus, and she stood to praise Him in the midst of her grief. When we know suffering and loss, we can also know greater comfort and mercy because of Jesus. And then, we can share what we’ve received with those who come after us. See Jack’s article: Our life is a ministry, our Sorrows are our credentials. 

Sunday School classes

And that’s our week in India! Thank you for praying, for your love and support of those we serve together.

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Thank you for your love, and your prayers for those we serve around the world! It’s absolutely amazing what happens when we come together and follow the Lord’s leading. I’m beyond grateful for you all!

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♥ Samantha