7 Things You Have To Know To Understand End Times Prophecy

There are seven pieces of information that are essential to understanding End Times prophecy. They are:

1. The Sequence of Major End Time Events,
2. The Destiny of the Three Components of Humanity,
3. The Purpose and Length of the Great Tribulation,
4. The Purpose of the Rapture,
5. The Conditions Surrounding the 2nd Coming,
6. The Purpose and Length of the Millennium, and
7. Eternity.

Once you’ve learned them, these seven things will help you avoid the mistakes that have thrown others off of the track. Call it perspective or overview or whatever you want, this combination of facts will give you the ability to put all the End Times prophecies in the Bible into their proper context.

In addition, this book includes complete commentaries on seven important prophecies regarding the End Times that provide additional background to increase your understanding even more. (Listed in the order in which they’re referenced in the 7 Things text)

1) The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel, The Bible’s Most Important Prophecy
2) The Battle Of Ezekiel 38-39, How Israel Gets Back To God
3) Psalm 83, The Defeat of Israel’s Neighbors
4) Isaiah 17, An Oracle Against Damascus
5) The Olivet Discourse, The Lord Explains The Signs Of His 2nd Coming
6) Defending The Pre-Trib Rapture, Why The Church Will Escape The End Times
7) The Coming Temple, Where It Will Be And Why

It’s a complete guide to end times prophecy in one convenient package.

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