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Bible Stories for Adults

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Volumes I &II, Old and New Testament stories.
Jack published the Old Testament stories in 2004, and by the time he was ready to ready to publish the New Testament stories, he wanted to release them in one volume.

Now, I am so blessed to present to you Jack’s teachings on the children’s stories in the Bible. In this new book, including Volumes I and II—the Old Testament and New Testament—you’ll discover how the language, customs, and culture of biblical times will help you grow in a more mature understanding of these timeless children’s stories. I’m excited for you! The details and symbolism of these stories are about to make the Word of God come alive in your heart. Prepare to have your faith strengthened as you grow closer to the Lord.
♥ Samantha Kelley

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Daniel’s Story

Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and understanding… for you are highly esteemed.- Daniel 9:23

What follows is the story of Daniel’s adventures with God as recorded in the Bible. It is being presented as if Daniel himself is telling the story in his own words…

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The Book of Esther – Something Hidden

The Book of Esther is the story of how the Jews in Persia were delivered from an extermination order in 473 BC.  This resulted in the establishment of the Festival of Purim, celebrated by Jews around the world every year since. But there is also a hidden story woven into the text that New Testament Christians will find to be especially meaningful.  Read the story of Purim and discover its hidden meaning as Esther herself might have revealed it.

Genesis Narrative: The Stories of the Patriarchs

The first book of the Bible is actually a compilation of the stories of 8 men and their Creator. I have presented them here in narrative form, as if these eight men had written in the first person. While this book remains true to the Biblical account, I have allowed these men to make personal comments from time to time as appropriate. To add depth to their stories, I have also included some extra-Biblical information gleaned from various commentaries and historical accounts, but I have not allowed this information to distract us from the truth that these men actually lived and their stories are true.  It’s my prayer that reading this book will enhance your understanding of God’s first word to man.

Reflections on the Psalms

What you are about to read is not a commentary on the Psalms.   I made no attempt to interpret them or reveal new levels of understanding.  Instead, it’s a collection of thoughts I wrote down over a period of several years as I read through the Psalms.  Some are recollections from my own experience, others are ideas I gleaned from various books and articles I’ve read, and still others are just the thoughts that came into my mind as I thought about what I was reading.

My original purpose in writing this series was to give visitors to the website a brief middle of the week meditation.  I wanted each one to be practical and uplifting, in the hope of adding substance to our faith. For that reason, they are not meant to be read at one sitting or even in a structured way. They are designed to provide a break in our routine, to be taken one at a time followed by a few quiet moments of consideration.  Being in e-book format they can go where you go, to be enjoyed any time you have a few minutes, over coffee, while waiting for an appointment, or just because you want a few minutes with the Lord.  Download them to your tablet or phone and they will be ready when you are.

OSAS Anthology

The doctrine of eternal security, or OSAS (once saved always saved) is one of the most hotly debated topics in all of Christianity. Did the Lord’s death really pay for all the sins of our life, thereby guaranteeing a place in Heaven for all born again believers?

Or, are we responsible for the sins we commit after we become born again, running the risk that our post salvation behavior can cause God to rescind his promise to save us?

And if God will not rescind His promise, can we walk away from our relationship with Him and effectively forfeit our salvation?

You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in this book, as well as Biblical answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about OSAS.

The Redeemer

  • Are you curious about inviting the Lord into your life?
  • Have you recently done so and want to understand what it’s all about?
  • Are you a long time believer who wants to get back to the basics of our faith?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes” this book is for you. It’s about what God intended in creating you, what has been stolen from you, and how God has been working since the dawn of time to get it back for you.

We begin with an overview of the conditions and circumstances that led to man being in a state of permanent estrangement from God, followed by a detailed account of His incredible effort to bring us back to Him. We’ll finish up with a summary of what He’s doing for us now and what He’s promised to do in the future.

It’s a clear and concise explanation of what Christians believe and why. Reading this book will help you understand our faith as never before.  It also will make an ideal gift for someone you’ve been wanting to share the Gospel with.

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Understanding Revelation

No other book of the Bible was so specifically written for our generation.  Of its 22 chapters, 19 are about a time that’s still in our future.

And no other book of the Bible promises blessings to those who read it, hear it and take to heart what is written in it.

In short, the Book of Revelation is arguably the most important book you will read in your life time.

People have shied away from this book because of its use of symbolism and its cryptic references.  In writing this commentary, I’ve tried to explain these things in common everyday language to make it easier to understand while remaining true to the book’s purpose, which to inform us of things that will soon be taking place.

Here then is my commentary on the Book of Revelation.

-Jack Kelley

Living the Christian Life in Hard Times

For most of my life Americans have been living in good times. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs in the US but they were the exception rather than the rule.  But things look different to me now. I’m not sure the America I grew up in will ever return. Since I’m a Bible teacher I’m always interested in what the Bible has to say about life, especially the Christian life. So what follows are six essays that lay out the results of my study.  Other than the fact that they all address the same general topic, they aren’t necessarily connected, so you can read them all at once or one at time.  But taken together, I think they provide a good overview on living the Christian life in hard times.

7 Things You Have To Know To Understand End Times Prophecy

There are seven pieces of information that are essential to understanding End Times prophecy. They are:

1. The Sequence of Major End Time Events,
2. The Destiny of the Three Components of Humanity,
3. The Purpose and Length of the Great Tribulation,
4. The Purpose of the Rapture,
5. The Conditions Surrounding the 2nd Coming,
6. The Purpose and Length of the Millennium, and
7. Eternity.

Once you’ve learned them, these seven things will help you avoid the mistakes that have thrown others off of the track. Call it perspective or overview or whatever you want, this combination of facts will give you the ability to put all the End Times prophecies in the Bible into their proper context.

In addition, this book includes complete commentaries on seven important prophecies regarding the End Times that provide additional background to increase your understanding even more. (Listed in the order in which they’re referenced in the 7 Things text)

1) The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel, The Bible’s Most Important Prophecy
2) The Battle Of Ezekiel 38-39, How Israel Gets Back To God
3) Psalm 83, The Defeat of Israel’s Neighbors
4) Isaiah 17, An Oracle Against Damascus
5) The Olivet Discourse, The Lord Explains The Signs Of His 2nd Coming
6) Defending The Pre-Trib Rapture, Why The Church Will Escape The End Times
7) The Coming Temple, Where It Will Be And Why

It’s a complete guide to end times prophecy in one convenient package.

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