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Today's Bible Q&A

  • Satan’s Expulsion, Follow Up

    In ‘When is Satan’s expulsion’ you reply: Thousands of years after Adam and Eve had their encounter with Satan, he can be seen in Heaven contesting with God over the righteousness of Job (Job 1:6-7). I thought that Job was one of the very earliest books to be written so I would like a clarification on ‘thousands of years after’.

  • Believing In God, Saved By Jesus. Not The Same

    Your response to the man who asked about the salvation of one who has never heard of Jesus begs the question.

    You wrote that God puts an awareness of “His eternal power and Godhead” in the mind and heart of all His creation, which I believe.

    But that is not the same as the, can we say, “technical” aspect that salvation comes only through belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God, whose blood pays the penalty for our sins, which I also believe.

    Thus, a wild man of Borneo may know of God and, after his fashion, worship Him as Creator, but still not know, having never heard, that God came to earth in the person of Jesus, lived a perfect life, and shed his blood that all who believe this and come to him will be saved.

    How can he know “without a teacher?”

    That, I think, is the man’s question, and mine as well. Will the “wild man” who believes in God, but who never heard of Jesus and who, thus, is unable to come to Him, be damned?

  • God Dwelt Among Them

    While reading your 7 Things book I came across this statement. “For 2600 years, with the exception of one 33 year period, God will have been absent from the planet leaving man to fend for himself.” How did you arrive at the 2600 year figure? What about the other 3400 years since the Creation? Hasn’t the Holy Spirit always been here?

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