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Today's Bible Q&A

  • Singing Mountains And Clapping Trees

    “The mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.” (Isaiah 55:12)

    Is this the new Jerusalem? When we are completely free from sin, and put on Christ completely and be like Him as He is, will we have power and closeness to the creation where we hear mountains/hills sing and trees clap their hands? To think all material things that bring joy but not everlasting is to be replaced with creation makes my heart leap. Surely to hear a mountain speak must be simply divine.

  • Violating Hebrews 10:25?

    After a lot of searching, we found a small country church that we thought would accept us. I was even voted in as a deacon after we’d been there for several years. But gradually, I started to suspect I was being shut out from the workings of church business, and I began wondering why I was ever asked to be a deacon in the first place. Since we live outside the community, I’m puzzled why we still bother to attend, but I was told if we leave we would be forsaking the assembly, using Hebrews 10:25 as the authority. I’m at a loss. Would we be guilty of violating Hebrews 10:25 by leaving?

  • Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit

    In Matthew 12: 30-32 Jesus is talking to the Jews, explaining a sin that cannot be forgiven. I understand all sins were forgiven at the cross, but in verse 32b he mentions “the age to come”. I assume that age to be the Kingdom Age as being the next age to come for the Jews. Am I correct in this thinking? And if so what does this mean for the Jews?


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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Week in review November 16 2019

Feature Article

Malachi Speaks Again. Part 4, Conclusion

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

In the Christian Bible, the concluding chapter in the Book of Malachi contains the final words of the Old Testament. It would be 400 years before God spoke to Israel again and then His purpose would be to announce the birth of the Messiah.

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Malachi Speaks Again. Part 3

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

We continue our study of the Book of Malachi with chapter 3. As we’ll see the Lord isn’t finished with His criticism of Israel’s behavior, and as was the case with the previous chapters some of His complaints about them could just as easily be made about us.

Our Outreach Work

India Outreach – Children’s Church!

It’s official! We’ve begun a Children’s Church for the tribe we’ve been serving in India. Our Spring Bible School outreach was such a success, the tribe asked us to keep coming every week to minister to the children. After much prayer, we’re moving forward!

Feature eBook

The Book of Esther – Something Hidden

The Book of Esther is the story of how the Jews in Persia were delivered from an extermination order in 473 BC.  This resulted in the establishment of the Festival of Purim, celebrated by Jews around the world every year since. But there is also a hidden story woven into the text that New Testament Christians will find to be especially meaningful.  Read the story of Purim and discover its hidden meaning as Esther herself might have revealed it.

Feature Audio Study

The Bride

This never before published study, was originally recorded during Jack’s teaching at a conference nearly 30 years ago. He referenced this conference, and what the Lord did there, in his article Spiritual Gifts Part 2: Some Personal Experiences.

I didn’t even know he had this recording! I found it shortly after he passed away last year. This study is almost 30 years old. It was first recorded on cassette tape and then converted to digital.  The quality is probably the reason Jack never posted it; it’s a little rough. But the message is definitely worth it. So I’ve cleaned it up the best I can, and present it to you for your edification.

Below the audio, we’ve also included the written transcript of this study.