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Today's Bible Q&A

  • Why Do We Have To Ask Again?

    You have written: “Our unconfessed sins can’t make God change His mind about saving us, but it can and does hinder our current relationship with Him. And because God is faithful to the promise He made to His Son, forgiveness is ours just for the asking. Once we ask, we’re immediately purified from all unrighteousness; we again become as holy as God is, our relationship is restored to its former intimacy and we are blessed.” But if we’re already forgiven why do we have to ask again?

  • Why Does God Love Us?

    I have been a born again Christian for about 7 months now and have taken to the scriptures like crazy reading and learning. One thing I have not been able to clearly understand in all my reading so far is why man is God’s greatest creation. I understand we were made in His image and he actually breathed life into us but how are we actually a more prized creation than say angels for example? They have free will just as we do from what I understand, yet God gave us (man) a way to find redemption where as the angels did not after rebellion. Can you clarify how we are a more prized creation than any other?

  • Death Or No Death?

    I have one question. I have read on the site that Revelation 21 takes place during the millennium and that the Church will live in the New Jerusalem (which will orbit the earth) while Israel and the tribulation saints live on the new heaven and earth. The thought is that Revelation 21:1 is referring to Isaiah 65:17.

    The theory makes a lot of sense, but I noticed something. Revelation 21:4 says that “there shall be no more death”, while Isaiah 65:20 indicates that there will still be sin and death during the millennium. In fact, Revelation 21:4 seems to categorically say that death, sorrow, crying, and pain have been done away with forever, “for the former things are passed away”. But if there is still sin and death in Isaiah 65, then death, sorrow, crying, and pain haven’t been done away yet, for where there is sin and death there is sorrow and pain.

    What are your thoughts on this? It is hard for me to match Revelation 21 to Isaiah 65; to me they seem to be discussing two different new earths – one that has death, and one that does not. Thank you very much for your site! I have immensely enjoyed it since I discovered it a few months ago and have learned a great deal. I am very thankful for your ministry.

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