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Today's Bible Q&A

  • Help Me Prove The Bible Is Authentic

    By faith, I am a believer as you know. There is a guy who frequently posts on a forum I belong to that history says the Gospels were not written by the authors listed (Mathew, Mark, etc) and continues to bash me and others who discuss Biblical research and facts, claiming that “real world” history proves otherwise. I was hoping you could point me in a direction outside the apologetics world for facts to dispute his claims, knowing you have far more knowledge on this than I do. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mary’s Ancestry

    There is a bit of a discussion in a Bible study group I’m in on the topic of Jesus’ ancestry, and part of the discussion focuses on Mary’s ancestry. Your website asserts that “Mary and Joseph were both of the tribe of Judah and descendants of David”, and “Mary’s line was through Solomon’s brother Nathan (Luke 3:31).” Since Luke 3:23 begins Jesus’ lineage with “He was the son, so it was thought, of Joseph, “, how can this be said to be Mary’s lineage?

    I’ve always believed without too much critical analysis what your website says, but now I want solid Biblical underpinning.

  • How Old Was Jesus When The Magi Arrived?

    I thank the Lord for the joy that I always feel about your site. It is indeed blessed by the Holy Spirit because it makes us praise His glorious name always in the knowledge that we learned from your site.

    I read one article from (another web site) stating that our Lord Jesus was probably 2 years old or at least near to that age when the Wise Men arrived. The writer cited Luke and Mathew as reference. Can you please explain further so that we can understand better?

    What I understand before, few days after Mary delivered our Lord Jesus, the wise men came and then few days later they escaped to Egypt. But it contradicts to His dedication at the temple when He was 8 days old. Was He dedicated at the Bethlehem temple? Did they stay in Bethlehem long or return back? Did they return back to Nazareth after the dedication?

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