Defining The End

Your website is such a blessing to me. May God bless you for it because it has strengthened me in many ways. I have a question regarding Matt 24:14. My question is this … can you define “the end” mentioned there?

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Do I Need To Be Baptized Again


Q. As an infant I was baptized by having water sprinkled on me. However, I really did not come to know Christ until about 8 years ago. And since then, I have tried to serve Him well in all that I do. I am on fire for God’s purposes and I pray daily to be used more effectively to expand His kingdom. My question is, should I be baptized again?

I know many of the clergy in town and there are all kinds of views about water baptism and what it means and how often it should be done. I have come to a personal understanding that water baptism (even infant baptism) is a public display that shows that you are accepted into the Church. I guess it seems to me that it is a promise by Jesus that you will find Him through the Church if you seek Him.

That being said, I am wondering what the biblical perspective is on infant baptism and re-baptism when you become a believer. I hesitate to be re-baptized because I don’t know if there is a biblical mandate or inference to do so. If infant water baptism is a promise from God to have the Church accept us if we seek His face, then His one and first promise is more than good enough for me. Is there really any biblical reason to be re-baptized even if I feel the Holy Spirit burning brightly in my life?

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Is Homosexuality A Sin?

I have seen and heard the Bishop of New Hampshire on several interviews and he speaks of Jesus and salvation and seems quite convincing that he is truly a Christian and that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and that we have been interpreting scripture wrong to make this a sin when in fact it isn’t.

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Explaining Where All The Christians Went

What kind of explanation could cover such a mass disappearance of people from our world? I have always thought that the Anti-Christ will have to have an explanation for such an event but can’t imagine what could cover such a large number of missing people.

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The Holy People In Matt. 27

Is Matthew 27:52,53 describing a historical event? If so, why only Matthew recorded this? Who were those “holy people who had died were raised to life”? Is “raised to life” = “resurrection” in such context?

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Explaining Salvation

My question is this. I’ve been discussing with my friends lately on how to become saved. I told them that if we believe in Jesus and realize that we are sinners, and we are in need of savior then we are saved. We must have faith in Jesus Christ.

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The Days Of Noah And Lot

Jesus said that it would be like in the days of Noah and Lot, referring to His return and the establishment of The Kingdom. Lot was escorted from his home. Noah entered the ark seven days before the flood waters came. Scripture, I have learned, is precise to the extreme. Is there something to be learned from Noah entering the ark a week before judgment?

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Psalm 62 And The Promises Of God

Q. Thank you and God bless you for this message. I struggle with exactly the lack of faith you are describing in your commentary. I have experienced complete financial ruin, homelessness, loss of family and have periodically succumbed to depression.

I have made some effort and have memorized some scriptural passages: John 15:1-8, Psalms 1, 8 & 23, Romans 12:1-2, John 3:16 and Proverbs 3:5-6. These are all helpful, but I find I have gaps in my knowledge, so I often crumble in the face of adversity because I lack the confidence that comes with knowing God’s Word thoroughly.

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Opening And Closing Doors

Q.  My daughter always prays “that God will open the door if it is intended to be His will, or He will close the door, if it is not His will”. I do not believe this works, primarily because usually people praying that way, want an almost instant answer, and to my experience, God does not act that quickly.

Recently they put a down payment on a home, without selling their other one first. And there appears to be some problems, and she said “BUT, I prayed God would open doors or close them.” I tried to explain to her, but she said then how are you ever suppose to know.? Maybe you can give her a better answer than I can.

I think some people hear that verse that says “God will open the door that no one can close” and take it to mean the above??? Thank you so much, you are wonderful, and God is doing great things through you and nothing can be better than that.

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The Rapture In Revelation?

I recently found your site and it is such a blessing. Recently I’ve been going through the Scriptures and trying to determine the truth about the rapture. I’d like to know if the Rapture is mentioned in Revelation, and if not why?

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