Fear Or Faith?

Q. Places like Psalm 25:12 & 14 speak of the fear of the Lord. Is it by fear then that we ultimately look toward Him for salvation?

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How Far Does Forgiveness Go?

When I was growing up I was repeatedly mistreated by my step father. The “secret” did not come out until I was on my third marriage and in my 30′s. My mother stayed with him anyway and a schism was created in our family and holidays became very stressful.

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Healing Amputees

I came across a website and I found it discouraging as the question came about … Why doesn’t a loving God answer the prayers and heal an amputees (either legs or arms, etc.) when they are prayed for specifically?

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Giving Account Follow Up

I think I’m going to be sweeping the streets of gold because I probably haven’t had a pure motive for anything in my life. I wish I could have a truck load of crowns to throw at the Lord’s feet when I’m with him, but I’m afraid I’m going to stand before him speechless and then fall on my face. What can I say?

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Breaking Curses

We used to go to church where the preacher preached time and again, on generational sin. He taught that we needed to break generational curses. What do you believe the scripture teaches on this?

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After Effects Of The Rapture

Q. Thank you again for your wonderful teaching.

I have a question about the rapture that I have not seen addressed before. Most people that believe the rapture can happen at any time, seem to worry about destruction and people killed due to out of control vehicles and planes etc. when drivers and pilots are taken in the rapture.

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Death, The Ultimate Healing

Q. My name is Shirley. I am a born again believer. I read on your website once where you said that death was the ultimate healing in a way for Christians. I suppose it is.

What about suicide? I don’t think I can do it, but I can’t take the life I’m living much longer. It would be different if there was some love in my life, but there isn’t. I hear the Lord speak to me and I know He loves me, but in my material, tangible life here and now, there is nothing but heartache, fear, and dread. It doesn’t change. I have believed for many years it would. I don’t think I can face another day without some kind of hope for here and now. Some kind of strengthening of my love for the Lord and I need more faith. But it alludes me now. No joy left. Husband abusive and so very ill…nothing I can do to help anymore.

Please, please, remember me in your prayers. Thank you for all the beautiful things you have written. I have enjoyed your website.

A. Death is the ultimate healing, but suicide is the murder of self and is a sin. I will publish your letter and I’m sure thousands of people will join me in praying that the Lord will send both His peace and someone who will love you while you await His soon coming.

OSAS And Assemblies Of God

I attend an Assembly of God church and their position and the Pastor’s is that you can give your salvation back by continuing in sin or stop believing. My question is this, should a person stay at a church that opposes eternal security? Thank you for all you do and God bless you!

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