The Greatest Commandments

Are Matthew 22:34-40 and Luke 10:25-37 the same story told from different perspectives or two separate stories? Jesus goes on with the Good Samaritan parable in Luke but, the story ends with the greatest commandment in Matthew. It appears the characters are the same.

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Is That All There Is?

Q. Not to belabor the point, but: Belief that God is the one true God and Jesus is his son who died for our sins and rose again–believing that we are sinners in need of a savior and asking Jesus to save us–that’s ALL that’s required for salvation, right? So, the question is–all the other stuff that people read, interpret, come to believe as doctrine, or accept as fact is separate and apart from that basic requirement of belief and acceptance, isn’t it? No matter how wrong we end up getting everything else, as long as we meet the most basic requirement of our faith–which is belief–we’re saved, right?

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How Did Man Know BC From AD?

I understand how we count years since our Lord’s death- EG, 1248ad, 1249ad, 1250ad, etc.
How did we get the the “count-down” years before Christ was born? EG, 1250bc, 1249bc, 1248bc, etc? What was the starting point and how is it man knew to count downward?

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Licensing Pastors

After (our recent) Christmas meal it was decided to have the Lord’s Supper. I, as head of household, officiated the event. Everyone took part in it except my mother-in-law. She wanted to know “where I had the audacity to perform the Lords Supper without having a legally licensed pastor officiating the ceremony.”

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Mansions For All?

Q. I have a question that’s been on my mind lately concerning Heaven and our mansion that’s mentioned in John 14:2.  I was taught that this verse means each of us will have our own personal mansion.   What does that say about our earthly family, particularly my wife. Will she have her own mansion?  I know that the Bible tells us that there is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven but can you explain to me how our lives will be in heaven if we’re all in separate mansions?  What, if any, kind of social atmosphere will exist? Praising our Lord will be one activity, but will there be others as well?

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False Christs And prophets

Matt. 24:24 tells us that in the last days there will be false Christs and prophets. They do great signs and wonders and if it were possible they would fool the Elect. Who are these?

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A Question About The Books Of Enoch

Q. My questions are, 1) is it possible that Enoch’s writings were not included do to the scholars not wanting to believe what was written in that book?

You wrote in one of your answers “The appearance of Enoch’s quote in Jude’s epistle confirms that at least that part of 1st Enoch is authentic.” (in Enoch and Jude, ask a Bible Teacher). Also you said the book of Enoch was written by someone else. 2) Is it possible that they were inspired by the Holy Spirit and Enoch to write them?

A. Psalm 138:2 says the two things that God honors above all else are His Name and His Word. To embrace the position you’ve described one would have to believe that the canonization of Scripture was not divinely guided, that there was a conspiracy among scholars to keep some of God’s truth out of His Word, and that God allowed it to happen. To me that seems to contradict the verse above and is quite a ways farther than I’m willing to go.

Where’s Gog Right Now?

If Meshech and Tubal refer to regions of Turkey, and Turkey is a NATO member, and Bush is in a sense the Chief Prince of NATO, then the rabbis’ declaration makes some sense (addressing Bush as the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.) The question is where is Gog right now? Is he active on the earth?

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A Question About Ezekiel 39:2

I have noticed that in 39:2 the King James translation says “and leave the sixth part of thee”. I do not see this in any of my other translations. Why do the other translations not give this information or why does the King James have this information in it?

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Abraham And God In Genesis 15

In Genesis 15 – why did Abraham not divide the birds, chase the other birds away, go into a deep sleep while God walked between the animals, and have to wait 400 years for God’s promise to be fulfilled?

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