Who’s To Blame Here?

I want to start of by saying that I love what you are doing. The problem that I have is that me wife blames everything that happens in the world to God. Please help her under stand that God is not to blame for the corrupt world we live in.

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Israel And The Church. Mutually Exclusive?

In the Bible study of the last chapter in Daniel, you commented that God does not work with both the church and Israel at the same time. I kinda disagree with you, and you are invited to disagree with me too. There is two occasions that God did in fact work with Israel and the Church.

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What If We Die Before Coming Back?

In the case of the prodigal son, the son came back to the Father, but what if the son had died before he came back to his father? What if a Christian who left his faith died before he returned to his faith? Would he go to heaven or to hell?

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Daniel, Luke, And Gabriel

Our family has been reading through Daniel (because one of my son’s favorite story is there) and also through Luke (because of the season). My question to you is, what is the significance of Gabriel (called by name) being the messenger in both books?

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How Long Can I Go On This Way?

I know I sin, but how much will God forgive me from the same sin? Is it OK to ask for forgiveness from a sin I commit that I know I will again commit but I enjoy it and having the idea that I will not just stop commit the sin but just not do it as much?

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What Happened Before Man Came Along?

Do you think that this world and time the Bible speaks of is Gods’ first or only creation? If creation was for His pleasure, what do you suppose God did for the eons before the last six thousand years

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Big Sign, Wrong Conclusion

Q. I definitely believe the rebirth of Israel is a big sign, however, once again your pre-trib analogy with the following statements from your article is full of holes: You said in your article:

The second clue is that the people he’s telling to flee are in Judea, the name by which the Biblical land of Israel was known during the time of the Lord’s visitation. (Matt. 24:16)

And the third clue is to pray it won’t happen on a Sabbath. (Matt. 24:20) Only observant Jews would be worried about this because they can only walk 1000 paces on the Sabbath, not nearly far enough to even get out of town, let alone into the mountains.

The aforementioned in your article is just one of the several big problems concerning the false pre-trib rapture doctrine theory:

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The Incarnate God And Human DNA

If and it is so that Yeshua is God manifest in the flesh, then does it not mean that He is, was and always shall be God? One of your commentaries on Christmas says He was only God at conception, and that is misleading.

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