Age of the Earth, Follow Up


There are solid, well researched reasons to reject the “Gap Theory.” Too many Christians have been duped by this deference to evolutionary geologists. I hope you will read the article I have linked, and reconsider your position on this important matter. It really is a serious compromise to the revealed text. You have a very strong influence on many readers around the world, and some will accept what you say without question. You counsel people to take God at his word; please give more thought to this teaching. I have only linked one voice; there are many.


If you take the time to read my position carefully, and look at the references I cite you’ll see that it’s the most literal of all the interpretations of the creation account.

It is true that I place a gap between the first two verses of the bible, but that’s where any similarity between my view and the Gap Theory as it’s currently postulated ends. I believe a literal reading of Genesis 1, using the actual meanings of the Hebrew words, supports this gap. You can read it here:

In The Beginning

It also answers several questions relative to the creation of angels and Satan’s fall without requiring the need to modify or reinterpret any of the creation account, which actually begins in Genesis 1:3.