A Covenant Between God And The USA?


In a recent article a Christian author and activist made this appeal on the internet to God’s remnant “If you want to be a part of something to stop the free fall we’re in as a nation, I need to hear from you soon” (regarding her prayer to beseech God to rescue our nation). This person said “I believe it will touch the heart of God and maybe, just maybe, cause Him to take note of our distress, hear our cry, remember His covenant with our nation and, out of His great love, relent from the judgment we deserve.” What covenant could this person be referring to? Do you know of a covenant God made with our nation?


There is no covenant between the US and God. I don’t know about this author specifically, but there are 2 kinds of believers who want to save our country. There are those who believe the Church has replaced Israel in God’s plan, believe the Church has to conquer the world for Jesus, and see America as the Church’s headquarters. They subscribe to Dominion, or Kingdom Now, theology. And there are those who don’t really believe the Lord is coming back and don’t want to lose the lifestyle they enjoy here. They’re a-millennialists who think things are always going to be the way they’ve been (2 Peter 3:3-4).

Israel is the only nation God has a covenant with, and any others that are saved will be due to their loyalty to Israel. The US is one of the countries to which the Jews were scattered and will therefore be destroyed during the Great Tribulation after the Church is rescued. (Jeremiah 30:11 & 1 Thes. 1:10)