What Will Happen To The USA?


After the rapture and during the Great Tribulation and Millennium, what will be happening here in the U.S? I am assuming the Jews left behind from the rapture will make their way to Israel once they see Israel win the Battle of Ezekiel 38 by God’s hand. With the economy failing , I wonder if some Jews in the U.S will even be able to afford to get over there, and then to flee when the abomination that causes desolation of the temple occurs. I wonder what becomes of nonbelievers (and non-Jews I should say) that live in the U.S. Some of them could possibly still attain salvation, correct? I understand that after the rapture and the church is gone, God is dealing with Israel only. I just don’t know where this leaves the United States of America , gentiles and Jews alike.


Will the USA be restored during the Millennium? No one knows for sure. The Bible says there will be gentile nations on Earth then (Rev. 21:24), but for the most part they are not mentioned by name.