More On The USA In Prophecy


I was reading on another Christian web site some of the reasons why the US is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. One reason is that the US could have such an economic collapse that we wouldn’t be considered a world power any longer. Also possibly Russia or Iran might attack us with EMP weapons prior to their attack on Israel to prevent us from aiding Israel. Then there’s the possibility that the Rapture would have such a devastating effect on the US we would no longer be considered a world power.

I’ve looked around your web site and don’t seem to find any information on what you think might be the reason the US is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. Could you please discuss what you think is the reason(s) we are not mentioned in Bible prophecy?


The lack of US mention in the Bible is something that only Americans are concerned about. People from other countries that aren’t mentioned don’t seem to care. And even Americans haven’t been concerned about it for more than a generation or two. We think that because we’re important now we’re naturally worthy of mention, but we’ve really only been so for about 1% of man’s time on Earth. Most of the other countries mentioned in the Bible have been around lots longer. Even the Russians, who we associate with the 1917 revolution, were around in Biblical times. They were called Scythians then (Colossians 3:11).

Taking the long view of history, we’re a former colony of Great Britain, who is a former colony of Rome. The Bible’s view is that Rome never really ceased to exist. The Holy Roman Empire, Spain, England, the US, and now the EU are really just continuations of Biblical Rome.

And remember, as dominant as we have been in the last 60 years or so, the Bible mentions powerful Kings of the North, South, and East in the End Times, but no King of the West.

I think that looking for the US in the Bible is motivated more by patriotism than theology, and while I’m as patriotic as the next guy, I try not to confuse the two.