A Famine Of The Word, Follow Up


Your answer to a reader’s question about the coming famine of the Lord’s word urged me to further pursue the matter. We have been searching high & low for a Biblically sound church to attend in our area, with no success. It would seem that there is a growing famine within the church right now. I’ve witnessed pastors plagiarizing sermons of others, mini sermonettes that bear little resemblance to Bible doctrine, rock & roll bands that sound hideous, church services that preach what people want to hear, and not the Bible. This is distressing, to say the least. I’m sure there are many out there that are nodding their heads in agreement. What are your thoughts?


Yes, it is beginning. Fewer and fewer pastors preach from the Bible, and many Sunday services are more for entertaining the people than for worshiping God. But at least people who are looking for a Bible can find one, and in most places owning one is not a crime. Picture a time when people won’t even be able to find a Bible, either in hard copy or on line, and when being caught with just a scrap of one could subject a person to punishment or even death. It’s that way in some parts of the world today, but we’re not far from the time when this will be the case world wide.