Famine In The Midst Of Plenty


Do you see any connection between the Oil and the Wine that the Good Samaritan poured into the injured man’s wounds, compared to the command in Revelation 6 during famine ” See thou hurt not the Oil and the Wine ” ? One commentator said that the latter passage referred to Christians being protected during the tribulation, but that doesn’t square with the Antichrist being given power to overcome the Trib Saints. What say you ?


The 3rd seal of Rev. 6 is a judgment that will take place after the rapture of the church and has to do with famine and the scarcity of food. Oil and wine were customarily associated with wealth. Remember the seal judgments are either geographically or demographically fractional, involving 1/4th of the world or 1/4th of the people or both. (Rev. 6:8) They don’t impact everyone everywhere like the bowl judgments that come later.

I think the concept John was describing here is one of famine in the midst of plenty. We’re experiencing an early form of that now, where there is increasing scarcity in many parts of the world and outright famine in some places, but those who can afford to pay the higher prices associated with scarcity are not going without.