A Likely Scenario


Ive been studying your entire site on everything you’ve written concerning Ezek 38 and 39, also Isaiah 17.

The last article concerning the Ezek 38 invasion you said a few things had to be in place before it could come about, like the Northern African nations and Turkey’s stand, also that Israel had to be dwelling safely (or carelessly, depending on the translation).

My question is, with regards to the current happenings with Israel, Syria, Lebanon, what would you say were the chances that we might see Isaiah 17 fulfilled first and very soon.. which in turn might put the last conditions in place to kick off Ezek 38?

After a possible nuclear situation between Israel and Damascus, might the UN and/or EU step in to make a peace-like situation? Not to mention if Israel takes Damascus out, those other Moslem nations Ezek named as well as Turkey would be more favorable to lining up against Israel? And if we the Church were Raptured around the time of this Isaiah 17 deal, that would effectively neutralize he US and pave the road for Russia and Iran to ‘think the evil thought’ as God said. Your thoughts?


You’ve presented a very likely scenario, and in my opinion we won’t have to wait very long to find out if you’re right. Good Work.