A Pause Just Before The 2nd Coming? Why?


I know it’s only speculative and, perhaps, unfair to ask, but it appears that God has given you a degree of discernment most others lack. That said, do you have any thoughts about God’s purpose for the Sign of the Son to be in the heavens for some unknown period between the end of the Great Tribulation and His Second Coming?


No I don’t, and the Bible doesn’t say either. But 4 times between Matt. 24:42 and Matt 25:13 the Lord clearly said that the exact time of His coming would be unknown to the people on Earth at the time. Since the end of the Great Tribulation can be easily calculated, the only explanation is that there will be an undefined span of time between then and the 2nd Coming. Maybe He just wants to give everyone one on Earth one last chance to consider their options before He appears and closes the gates of the Kingdom to the unsaved.