Which Is The Fall Feast Of The 2nd Coming?


Jesus and the prophets gave us clues as to Jesus Second Coming, not the day and the hour, but the year and the month. You discovered the year, 2018, and I know someone found the month, based on the feasts of Israel and cycles of the moon or something like that. The month cannot be discovered until it is almost here because of something to do with not knowing the cycle of the moon until just before it happens, can you give me the name of the feast and the reason we can’t know the cycle of the moon until the rabbis figure it out?


There’s a popular opinion that the 2nd Coming will fulfill the Feast of Rosh Hashanna, also known as the Feast of Trumpets and the Jewish New Year, that comes in the Hebrew month of Tishri (Sept.-Oct.). Because it takes place at the time of the new moon rather than on a full moon, it’s very difficult to know in advance what the actual day will be. A new moon is when the moon is at its least visible, only a sliver shows. With anything less than an absolutely clear sky it’s impossible to tell when it’s at its smallest, and it takes at least 2 visual sightings to confirm it. For this reason Rosh Hashanna came to be known as the feast where no one knows the day or hour. Since Jesus used variations of this phrase repeatedly in connection with His return, many believe Rosh Hashanna is the feast most likely to be fulfilled by the 2nd Coming.