The 2nd Coming And The Feast Of Trumpets


As I understand it, you are a proponent that the 2nd Coming may take place during The Feast of Trumpets. I was wondering though, if The Feast of Tabernacles makes more sense. I say that because it is referenced in Revelation 20 as being celebrated. I don’t see where other feasts are celebrated so logically there must be a pretty important reason to celebrate one over the others during the reign of Christ. Would you please explain your theory?


I don’t see any reference to the Feast of Tabernacles in Rev. 20, but my belief that the 2nd Coming will fulfill the Feast of Trumpets is based on hints from Scripture and the traditions surrounding that day. According to Matt. 24:31 a loud trumpet call will accompany His return.

The Feast of Trumpets was called the day when no one could know the day or hour because it began on a new moon, when the moon was just a sliver in the sky and was easily obscured. Four times in the span of 13 verses Jesus said no man would know the day or hour of the 2nd Coming in advance (Matt. 24:36, 42-44, 50, Matt. 25:13).

The Feast of Trumpets begins a new year, the reigns of kings in Israel were dated from that day, and it’s likely that both Adam and the Lord were born on that day. Also the Feast of Tabernacles commemorates the time of God’s dwelling with the Jews and will be fulfilled in the Millennium.

As for other feasts being celebrated, Ezekiel 45:21-25 says Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Feast of Tabernacles will all be celebrated during the Millennium.