More On The Rapture And The Feast Of Trumpets


I believe that Jesus can come back in the rapture any moment but I also believe that the feast of trumpets has something to do with the rapture because of the first 4 feasts that Jesus fulfilled. Wouldn’t He fulfill the next 3 in the exact order and the exact day? We already know from scripture He will fulfill the feast of tabernacles during the millennium. I understand that’s somewhat contradictory, but can the rapture be imminent and happen on the feast of trumpets?


The rapture cannot be both imminent (happen at any moment) and scheduled to take place on a certain day that only comes once each year.

I believe Jesus will fulfill the fall feasts in order and on the day of their observance, but it won’t involve the rapture because it’s not an event that involves Israel, for whom the feasts are significant.

The three fall feasts will be fulfilled in the Lord’s return to Israel at the 2nd Coming (Rosh Hashanna), the judgments of Matt. 24-25 that he will conduct shortly after His return (Yom Kippur) and His millennial kingdom on earth (Tabernacles).