A Question On The Da Vinci Code


Could you please explain your thoughts on why the painting of the Last Supper by Da Vinci creates so much speculation? It isn’t as if he was there when the last supper occurred and yet the way people react to it, makes me think that it was inspired by Satan to get mankind to doubt the Gospel. Everything I see lately, some so called expert is always reading so much into that painting.

Anything light you could shed on this Da Vinci madness would be greatly appreciated. Please keep up your awesome insights on things I never really understood before.


Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” has been the subject of interest because of the claim that the person to the left of Jesus (His right) has a feminine appearance, prompting some to speculate that it’s Mary Magdeline, (it’s the Apostle John) there’s a chalice on the table that some claim represents the Holy Grail, an apparently amputated hand pointing at John, and the inverted form of the letter M made by Jesus and the figures either side of Him (John and James) purported to be part of the “DaVinci Code” that reveals the truth about Jesus and Mary Magdeline.

Actually the painting began falling apart almost from the beginning, so that what you see today is really a fairly recent opinion of what the original might have looked like.

Did modern artists “put words in DaVinci’s mouth” by altering the painting or is their rendition faithful to the original. No one knows, and that’s why these controversies about the painting can gain traction. There’s no way to refute them. My article called “Did Jesus Have a Wife” sheds a little more light on the subject. Here’s a link