The Apocalypse Code


I always depend on your answers – I feel I can trust whatever you say. So here goes. What is your opinion of Hank Hanegraffe’s book “The Apocalypse Code”. I have to be careful with my ‘pennies’ and so do not want to purchase another book that is not worthy. I know you know what I mean. I love to study the Bible but I am not sure that I would recognize a dangerously intelligent book. I am listening to Hanegraffe right now and he says that Jesus was not interested in the Holy Land, as we seem to be. I will not go on because I know that you know far more about this than I can relate to you. I am looking forward to your response. Should I buy the book or not? God bless you and your work.


As you know, I normally don’t mention names in this column, but this time I’ll make an exception. Many if not most evangelical scholars strongly disagree with Hank’s views on the End Times. He writes from the Preterist position which means he believes that for the most part there are no End Times prophecies yet to be fulfilled.

Simply put, Preterists see the Book of Revelation more as history than prophecy, largely fulfilled by 70 AD. They believe that life will continue on as it has until the Lord one day blows the whistle, judges everybody, and whisks His own off into Eternity, sending the rest to Hell. Strict Preterists say there’s no coming Rapture, no anti-Christ, no Great Tribulation, no 2nd Coming and no Millennial Kingdom, although some fudge on one or more of these events.

Of all End Times positions, the Preterist view is the most difficult to reconcile with a literal interpretation of Scripture. In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to do so. You want my opinion? Save your money.