The Bible Code


There are lots of people who are using software to come up with ‘codes’ in Hebrew that are supposed to tell the future. Some are Jewish Rabbi’s using the Old Testament only and some are others who use the entire Bible for codes. Do you have any opinion on these codes and if they have any validity for the Christian?


The Bible code idea has been around for a long time. At first people just used the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) which contains 304,805 Hebrew letters. Using a method called “equidistant letter sequence” (ELS) they took out all the spaces between words and then did a computer search to see if a phrase or a name could be found where each letter in the phrase or name was the same number of letters apart from every other letter. As I remember this method will not really predict the future, but if you already know of a person or event it can tell you whether there is an ELS formula that will match it.

Of course if you expand the number of letters in the search base you increase the chances of finding a formula that works. For example, by using the entire Bible you would have over 3 million letters to choose from. Chances are, just about anything you search for could be found in that large a search base. This is why many proponents of the Bible Code insist that only the Torah should be used.

Personally, I don’t need an ELS code to convince me that the Bible is a supernaturally created document. What’s more, I believe it already tells us all we need to know about the future through a plain text reading.