About The Judgment Day


What if there was a married couple that began using hard drugs.Over time,in order to support their habit,they committed all types of crimes.

Eventually, the wife gets saved and sincerely changes.They both die.On judgment day,while the wife will be spared judgement and the shame and embarrassment of having her life replayed,the husband will not.

Now even though the wife is saved, will  her indiscretions be shown during the husbands judgment, when that together they sinned? Or will her face/image be blocked out, since she accepted JESUS?


If I understand it correctly, the major flaw in your hypothesis is that believers and unbelievers are not judged at the same time.  In fact their judgments are separated by over 1,000 years. Therefore the saved wife will not be present at the unsaved husband’s judgment.

Also, the belief that a person’s life will be replayed and laid bare for all to see is not supported by Scripture. In fact, if the Lord judges unbelievers by the works that he required of them, as I suspect based on John 6:28-29, then they will only be judged for their failure to accept the Lord’s death as payment for their sins.