Am I Wrong To Be Angry?


I was attending a church in my small town and really enjoyed it at first. But the longer I attended I noticed that there were quite a few people (the more well to do) that felt they owned the church as well as the pastor of the church. One of the ladies even asked the pastor if she was still the one that gave the most money to the church. One elderly couple in the church are not happy unless they are running the financial end of the church and when the pastor disagreed with this man on an issue, the man decided to have his tithe designated to a certain thing in the church and convinced others also to do the same thing. That way there would not be enough money in the fund to pay the pastor his wages. This is only a small amount of what this church has done. I felt angry every time I attended so I quit!

I read my Bible daily and I pray throughout the day. Am I wrong for quitting and for feeling angry at these people? Our pastor was a genuine God loving, Bible preaching pastor. If God put him in that church what right did they have running him off? This is not the first time this has happened. Our church is still without a pastor. I pray for the church but sometimes I don’t mean what I pray. Honestly, I would love to see some of these people fall flat on their faces. I know that is not a christian attitude but they are just wrong. I thought God owned the church and we were to depend on him to lead us. I refuse to follow any man. I guess I just don’t belong there. What is your opinion?


If you feel that strongly, then I agree. You should find another place of worship.

Satan can and does use our pride and rebellious nature in an attempt to disrupt God’s work. But the way to defeat him is not through your anger at what these people have done. (Ephesians 4:26-27)

The way to defeat Satan is to seek God’s forgiveness for their actions and your feelings. Ask the Lord to forgive all of you, and keep asking until He restores peace to your heart. Then you’ll have the victory.