What is Amillennialism?


It seems to me that more well-known non-denominational preachers are shifting towards Amillennialism teaching. I have even heard some preachers say that some seminaries take this stance. I cannot find anything in the Bible that supports their perspective. How could they believe that Satan is already bound and we are living in the 1000 year reign of Christ? Or am I completely misunderstanding what Amillenialism is?


The name “amillennial” literally means no (a) 1000 years (mille annum). Simply put, amillennialism is the view that instead of a literal 1,000 year reign by the Lord on Earth, His reign actually began at His ascension and continues from Heaven to this day. Amillennialists believe Satan is bound because he hasn’t been able to prevent the spread of the gospel in the world. Their view of the end times is that good and evil will continue to exist in the world until the Lord returns to conduct a final judgment. At that time the present heavens and earth will be destroyed and then re-made, and eternity will begin.

Most amillennialists are also advocates of replacement theology so they don’t see any role for Israel in the end times. Therefore, there will be no 70th Week of Daniel and no Great Tribulation. To amillennialists the rapture of the Church and the return of Christ in judgment are one and the same. Holding this view requires that one depart from a literal interpretation of prophetic Scripture and adopt an allegorical interpretation instead.

The Catholic Church, various Orthodox Churches, and many Protestant denominations are officially amillennial in their view of the end times.