Problems With Amillennialism, Etc


Thank you for a superb site proclaiming the truth of God’s Holy Word . When I got saved some 23 years ago I just assumed Christians took Scripture plainly at face value . I now know this is not necessarily so . My concern is : There are saved Ministers out there preaching Salvation thru Christ faithfully with many converts , whilst holding an amillennial view claiming God’s Word is “contained” in Scripture rather than Scripture is God’s Word.

I cannot reconcile how it is possible for a saved Christian to be comfortable distorting large portions of Scripture and how they as teachers ultimately sit with God . I have deep concern for them , but more so for their congregations . Where I live in Scotland , this unfortunately is the norm . I have tried gently to encourage a serious study in this area , but have met with solid resistance . It troubles me greatly as I can no longer continue Bible study with them where replacement theology is taught . Some direction would be much appreciated .


There is only one qualification for salvation, and that’s the belief that Jesus died for all our sins and rose again. Holding a non-literal view of the End Times will likely be a cause of great shame on the day of judgment and may cost some to forfeit crowns they might have otherwise won, but if they’re born again it won’t threaten their salvation (1 Cor. 3:14-15). I think this is what James meant by teachers being judged more strictly (James 3:1).

If you’re not comfortable with this kind of teaching (and you shouldn’t be) and can’t change their direction, your options are to go some place where you are comfortable, and pray for the teachers whose doctrine you’ve rejected. Remember, they’re just repeating what they’ve been taught.