What’s The Motivation Behind Amillennialism?


I understand what Amillennialists think and I know how it is not biblical and has to spiritualize things. My question is why do they think this way? I mean the truth is the truth, but usually when people are not sticking to the truth they have some benefit in mind to them for their way of thinking. So what motivates the Amillennialist?


It appears that amillennialism began to appear in Christian writing in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. It first became popular as a result of the need to reassure Roman leaders that Jesus wasn’t going to return to overthrow the Roman Empire and primarily because of Augustine (4th Century) evolved into a belief that the Millennium actually began at Pentecost with Jesus reigning from Heaven for some undetermined period of time until He returns to take everyone into eternity.

This became the official position of the Catholic Church and later spread into protestantism as well. Today most of the main line denominations hold to this belief because, like the Roman Empire before them, these large bureaucratic organizations have no interest in turning over their wealth and power to anyone including Jesus.

Also, having made replacement theology a key component in their belief system, they can’t very well accept a 1,000 year long contradiction to their view that the Church has forever replaced Israel in God’s plan. (One purpose of the Millennium is to give Israel the Kingdom Age God promised them. It’s why you find more information on the Millennium in the Old Testament than the New.)

Therefore, instead of questioning it their theologians work to defend amillennialism, their seminaries teach it, and their graduates pass what they’ve been taught to their congregations. In other words it’s become a deeply entrenched denominational doctrine that no one thinks to question even though both the Old and New Testaments very clearly describe a literal 1,000 year in person reign by the Lord on Earth.