An Ezekiel 38-39 Question


I found your site a few months ago and now I’m here everyday reading the question and answer section.

My question is regarding Ez.39:9. If Russia, Iran, etc, etc, invade Israel midway in the tribulation, will Israel be burning their weapons into the millennium? Do you believe this war could occur before the rapture or soon after?

Another question…..I have been listening to End time ministries for awhile. I am pre-trib to the core and I am astounded at some of the things this guy comes up with. He said the other day that the first five trumpet judgments have already taken place. Does this guy think we are in the first half of the tribulation?

I thank the Lord for your site.


I think Ezekiel’s war will precede Daniel’s 70th week since it’s the event that re-awakens the Israelis to the Lord’s presence in their lives. I also think the Rapture will probably take place before this battle but no later than concurrent with it.

Once the Millennium begins Israel will have no need of fuel as a power source. The Lord will become Earth’s power and light company at that time. (Rev. 22:5) So for Israel to spend 7 years burning their enemies’ weapons, as Ezekiel 39:9 indicates, the battle would have to precede all of Daniel’s 70th week

For the 5th Trumpet judgment to have come Earth would have to be well into Daniel’s 70th week most likely with a functioning Temple in Israel. 1/4th of its population would be dead, 1/3 of its greenery burned up, 1/3 of the Earth’s fresh water supply poisoned and 1/3 if all the world’s shipping destroyed by a massive meteor strike.

These are just the more obvious signs. We’d also be right on the threshhold of the Great Tribulation and, of course, you and I wouldn’t be here discussing it. I think whoever you heard this from has gotten a little ahead of himself.