Angry Over Pre-Trib


Thank you for your site. It brings me great comfort. In these time I find I get the most anger not from the unsaved but more from Christians. They say the Pre-Trib Rapture is everything from an 1800’s fairy tale to the devils work and worse. Of course they are of post or no rapture beliefs themselves. I guess the question is why are they so angry at the pre trib rapture?


As a general rule, the more confident people are in their position the less likely they are to become emotional when challenged to defend it. And the opposite is also true. The less confident they are the more likely they are to become emotional. Whether it’s the rapture, eternal security, or whatever, most people believe what they believe solely because that’s what they’ve been taught. They’ve never really confirmed it with their own research, so they can’t defend their beliefs in a rational way. As a result, they often get emotional when challenged and sometimes become angry with people who believe differently.