Another Pre-Wrath Question


I was reading your answer to a Pre-Wrath question and I have one too. I have been Pre-trib, pre-mil for at least 30 yrs and plan on staying that way unless prophecy events that happen show me different.

Pre-wrath opinion, if I understand right says the Bible doesn’t say there is a specific 7 year tribulation but do admit to Daniel’s 70th year prophecy. So they believe that the Great Trib (last 3 1/3 yr) is the tribulation period and they believe the rapture is before that during the first 3 1/2 yrs? If that is correct, then how can it be believed that they go thru tribulation if it is not believed that the entire 7 years is a tribulation period? Anyway, they seem to try to determine if Daniel’s 70th year (7 yrs) have begun yet.

All things considered, if the view was correct, how would someone know that Daniel’s 7th year (70th week) had begun? As a Pre-trib person we believe the Rapture occurs before that and
the things that are occuring now just show how close we are, not that Daniels week has already begun, right?


Many years ago, before the pre-wrath position came along, there was a mid-trib rapture view. This view held that the tribulation period was 7 years long and the Rapture occurred in the middle. They sometimes spoke of the first half as “the beginning of sorrows” and the last half as the Great Tribulation.

The pre-wrath view is similar. What they call “the wrath” is actually the Trumpet and Bowl judgments that they say occur after the Great Tribulation in a 75 day period called the Day of the Lord. According to the pre-wrath view the church will be around for six of the seal judgments that occur during Daniel’s 70th week.

To avoid all this confusion, it’s more correct to refer to the last 7 years as the 70th week of Daniel rather than the tribulation. According to Daniel 9:27 the 70th week will begin when the anti-Christ enforces a 7 year treaty with Israel that results in construction of a Temple in Israel.

And yes, the pre-trib view holds that the church will be gone before this happens, so technically the pre-trib view is really pre 70th week.